Like our adventures, the pricing at Best Travel is adaptable, it depends on group size, season, and the type of accommodation you recommend.etc., therefore it is preferable to discuss price with our clients in order to make it fit their needs and expectations.

To get the price of each tour, please contact us at,

Or give us a phone call at:

00 212 677 365 421 (Calls made from Europe)

011 212 677 365421 (Calls made from USA or Canada),

And provide us with following information:

Size of the group
Number of days (the arrival date – the departure date)
The city from where you want to start / end your tour
The accommodation type (Luxurious, Typical / Average or Modest).
Whether its luxury or simplicity you are after, Best Travel Morocco can find the right hotel or patch of grass to pitch your tent to meet your needs! If any of the customized tours and proposed itineraries suit your needs. Best Travel invites you to fill out the Trip Builder Form so you can pick and choose the things that are right for you and your group.

Don’t forget the more detailed you are the easier it will be for us to make your trip exactly what you are looking for. Please note that pricing at hotels and restaurants varies by season, the time of year you book your trip will increase or decrease the cost of your overall Best Travel package. After you submit your Inquiry the Best Travel Morocco will respond to you with a quote for your trip within few hours.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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